Der Mond Oil and Gas

Embracing the future of the Energy sector

Who we are:

Der Mond Oil and Gas is a company headquartered in UAE precisely in Abu Dhabi, the company is aiming to invest in the energy sector throughout its offices in UAE, Europe (France), and West Africa (Senegal). Currently, Der mond started with the physical marketing and trading of Crude Oil, refined products and LNG. Der Mond Oil and Gas aim is to be one of the key players in this Industry, especially in the West African Market.

“ Our Code of Business Conduct acts as a central reference point for us and our business partners in meeting the highest standards of business ethics and mutual reliance. Der Mond Oil and Gas through it offices has a strategic presence in 3 countries: United Arab Emirates (Middle East), France (Europe) and Senegal (West Africa). ”


Der Mond Group President


What We Do

In a Nutshell

Der Mond group core business is mainly in the energy sector. As such Der Mond Oil & Gas have several licenses to work in the commodities market.

Nowadays, the world doesn’t move to the beat of just one drum. Commodities are not always produced close to where there is demand. At Der Mond Oil and Gas we serve our clients by identifying imbalance between supply and demand, leveraging our global reach and local expertise, and moving the energy from where its sourced to where it must needed. Our aim is to focus on building long-term relationships and make a point of working with our customers to meet their changing needs.

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Der Mond Group

Der Mond Group

Der Mond Group is a holding company with three subsidiaries:

Der Mond Group is an international holding group. Currently, Der Mond has offices across Europe, Middle East, and West Africa. Our stakeholders believe in our business, and services. We have made a strong presence in the commodities industries such as the Oil and Gas industry, precious metals & stones. The group is currently expanding its portfolio by investing in the Real Estate market. We strive to establish a transparent and honest business relationship with our stakeholders as well as to conduct open business with our clients. Der Mond group board of directors is keenly involved and committed to implement the best strategies that add value to the group while insuring a long lasting relationships with our partners based on trust.

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Der Mond Precious Metals & Stones

Der Mond Precious Metals & Stones Is a commodity trading company that delivers the best known precious metals such as Platinum, Gold and Silver from African and Asian countries throughout the Global Market. Der Mond Precious Metals & Stones also supplies high quality of raw and refined precious gemstones like Diamonds, Emeralds Rubies, Sapphires, Aquamarines and Pearls.

  • Gold

    Everlasting value, beauty, and power.
  • Diamonds

    We look for the best and rarest diamonds.
  • Emerald

    Emerald the most attractive gemstones.
  • Pearls

    Pearls a mystique and a luster that lights every complexion.
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